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Online pottery class
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Hi friends! I'm writing today because I have an idea running through my head and I feel compelled to share it with you. I'm really excited to reveal this to you, but I'm still at the stage of the "raw" idea so... Be nice ;). Anyway, I would love to involve you!


Here's the story...


For some time now, I've been getting private messages from people asking me questions like "Is there a way to learn more about throwing techniques? Or if there is any space available in my classes.”


Before that, I had never considered having online training and a space for our community to learn and grow together. For some time now, my ideas have become clearer, and I have started to see a place where you could develop core throwing skills, improve existing skills, or learn approaches to be able to create exactly what you want.


As I said, it is still a nascent idea. But you see the potential, right?


I can't help but think about what training on throwing pottery and a community dedicated to ceramics could bring us in a year, three years, or five years.


That's what makes me love this project! The progress we would make by all working together with such a specific goal.


One thing is very clear to me though... I can't do this alone and I don't have all the answers.


Currently, this idea is still in its infancy. It's certainly not perfect (yet) and there are many things we still need to adjust.


But the vision is there. That is why I would like to invite you to participate in this project. I'd like you to be part of it... Especially if you are willing to help me deepen this idea.


In other words, if you join me as a founding member and are willing to contribute ideas on how we can make this training THE best online training to help beginning and intermediate potters (who have access to a wheel) improve their throwing techniques and studio knowledge, I am willing to offer a very advantageous price for "founding members".


When this offer is then open to the general public, I anticipate that the starting price will be in the range $160 CAD (which will be a no-brainer given that we will help people get better at throwing).


But here's the best part...


Join me today as a founding member and your price will be only $110!


So even when I offer this product to the general public at a higher price, you will have guaranteed your access to the special founding member’s price.


As I said, all the details of this project are not yet fixed. Nothing has been officially created. And I expect some of the best ideas to come from you and the others who join me on this journey as a founding member.


The goal is to officially launch the project at the end of September.


Until then, things will change quickly, depending on the ideas that circulate among the founding members.


What is clear to me is that this training on throwing techniques and this community will serve us all as we progress towards getting comfortable with tackling many new projects.


In a few years, we will look back and say "remember when...". And guess what, it can all start here, today, and together!


Join me by becoming a founding member of my training!


All you need to do is get in touch with me via responding to the message, direct message, or email at for the details.


To your success! See you soon!

Pricing Plan

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  • Beginner Membership

    Fundamentals of throwing series divided into different modules
    • Unlimited access to all the videos
    • One-time fee
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