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Pottery classes in my home studio in Greenfield Park, Longueuil. Classes are oriented towards beginners and will include an initiation into all of the stages of pottery, from throwing and trimming to altering and glaze decoration. Classes run for 8 weeks. The cost is $375 including one bag of clay and all other materials and firing. Classes run in the evenings from 6:30 to 9:00. There will be a maximum of four students per class, so be sure to reserve your place as soon as possible. Deposit to reserve your place: $100. Classes are currently full but leave me a message and I can add you to the mailing and waiting list.

Where to buy

The Gallery at Rossland Gardens, Amherst Island, ON, mugs, bowls, and vessels,


Upcoming Shows:

1001 Pots 2024, through August 18th,

Previous Shows:

Salon de Métiers d'Art de Brossard, 25, 26, 27 November 2016, Centre Socioculturel, Brossard Quebec

1001 Pots 2016 - 2022

Val-David QC,




Handmade pottery

Established in Greenfield Park, arrondissement of Longueuil, Quebec in 2014, Manifest Meditations studio is a small ceramic/pottery studio.

I have been working in ceramics for over 20 years, studying at the University of Oregon in Eugene, B. Sc. While there I was in charge of the schools raku program and focused my time on learning atmospheric firing. I have tried salt, soda and have fired multiple times in the school's anagama (dragon) kiln, and was part of the team that built the school's noborigama (climbing) kiln.

I am still very heavily influenced by atmospheric firing and the approach to mark making on my pieces in the raw (greenware) stage incorporates a lot of what I learned then. 

I have done a few residences, most recently in Cape Cod with Harry Holl.
Upon moving to Canada I returned to studies to become an art teacher and after completing my degree I was the head of ceramic tile production (among other things) at Panache Ceramic and Glass in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since moving to the Montreal area I have worked entirely in the mid-firing range (cone 6) in oxidation. This has been a big transition for me, but luckily much of the time I spent in Alberta prepared me for firing in oxidation. I continue to try to achieve atmospheric effect, inspired by Steven Hill and his transition to cone 6 oxidation. This is done in several ways, firstly, the layering of a number of different glazes and also through the application method: pouring, dipping, brushwork, and more and more using a spray gun. 

All of my glazes are non-toxic. I also try to use glazes that are non-toxic in their raw form, to reduce their environmental impact. All materials are recycled or upcycled. To reduce the environmental impact beyond the use of 100% hydroelectric energy, I also single fire many of my pieces, reducing the energy consumption by up to 30%.



2017 - Pottery You Can Use - by Jacqui Atkin

2017 - One of my teapot was included in the book 'Making Pottery you can use' by Jacqui Atkin, in the section on handbuilt slab teapots.



Throwing a textured vase on the wheel
Throwing blind
Recycling clay cheap and easy

Recycling clay cheap and easy

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