Established in Greenfield Park, arrondissement of Longueuil, Quebec in 2014, Manifest Meditations studio is a small ceramic/pottery and painting studio.

I most recently was teaching ceramics at the now closed studio in Montreal. I have been working in ceramics for over 15 years, studying at the University of Oregon in Eugene, B. Sc. While there I was in charge of the schools raku program and focused my time on learning atmospheric firing. I have tried salt, soda and have fired multiple times in the school's anagama (dragon) kiln, and was part of the team that built the school's noborigama (climbing) kiln.

I am still very heavily influenced by atmospheric firing and the approach to mark making on my pieces in the raw (greenware) stage incorporates a lot of what I learned then. 

I have done a few residences, most recently in Cape Cod with Harry Holl.
Upon moving to Canada I returned to studies to become an art teacher and after completing my degree I was the head of ceramic tile production (among other things) at Panache Ceramic and Glass in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since moving to Montreal I have worked entirely in the mid-firing range (cone 6) in oxidation. This has been a big transition for me, but luckily much of the time I spent in Alberta prepared me for firing in oxidation. I continue to try to achieve atmospheric effect, inspired by Steven Hill and his transition to cone 6 oxidation. This is done in several ways, firstly, the layering of a number of different glazes and also through the application method: pouring, dipping, brushwork, and more and more using a spray gun. 

All of my glazes are non-toxic. I also try to use glazes that are non-toxic in their raw form, to reduce their environmental impact. All materials are recycled or upcycled. To reduce the environmental impact beyond the use of 100% hydroelectric energy, I also single fire many of my pieces, reducing the energy consumption by up to 30%.